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Italian Procession
A short pretty melody passes between flutes and mandolin accompanied by the harp and bass to create an Italian flavoured wedding processional.
Woodwind and Harp
A combination of woodwind and harp to create a simple almost medieval melody designed to be performed outside!, A short piece long enough to use as a processional
Two Trumpets
Wedding March No 2 is a traditional processional scored for two trumpets and Church organ This is a piece for those who like to make an entrance with a bright fanfare to start and end


Welcome, I am Mike Brimson and thank you for visiting my site.

My aim is to provide a base for new musical works which are both imaginative and diverse.  Apart from a few arrangements, all of the music on this site is newly composed original works which has been completed within the last eighteen months. The pieces have been written for a diverse group of ensembles.

You should be viewing and most importantly listening if you are seeking the following;

  • New work: written for a variety of groups from small wind ensembles , brass bands through to large orchestras.
  • Wedding music: bespoke commissions (music written to your specifications) or use of existing compositions not in the public domain (It is unlikely that you would wear second hand clothes to your wedding so why put up with second hand music?)
  • As above but for civil services, funerals, birthday or any special celebratory events.
  • Beginners (graded) music supplied as sheet music (with piano accompaniment) with a handy USB so you can hear how it should be played and then play along with the accompanying piano part.
  • Arrangements: I am able to arrange music for any group from supplied score or piano sheet music (subject to agreement with the copyright holder). A invaluable resource for hard pressed music teachers who need arrangements tailored to meet the needs of the their students.

Please spend a few moments listening to my music and should you subsequently require any additional information please send your request to; and I will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.

Thank you for looking at my site and if you have enjoyed it please share it with others.