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Musical Catalogue

1.  ‘Joseph Patrick O’Connor’

This work is available for either String Orchestra or Brass band. It is based upon the true story of a Southern Irishman who at the outbreak of the 1st Word War left his homeland to join the British Army as a Gunner Layer. After surviving the war he married and settled in England, worked for The Civil Service Commission in London and never returned to his homeland.

The piece begins in a reflective mood before a much faster section which is jig like in its conception.

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2. Men of Harlech

This work is available as a Brass Band score and is a piece arranged around the original song. Features solo cornet and brass choir.

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3. ‘The Innocents’

 Full symphony orchestra &  Brass Band or String version score & parts available.

This piece has been written as a response to the tragic terrorist attacks around the world recently. The music reflects the suffering and anguish of the victims and their families, the violent loss of life, and the determination of all people to continue their lives in the face of adversity.

This is scored for a large symphony orchestra and is available for string orchestra and brass band.

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The Innocents

(Full Orchestral Score)



4. ‘Kate’s Tune’

This piece is dedicated to a fellow  musician.

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Kate’s Tune



Polka Dots

Written for Solo Bb Clarinet and symphonic wind band tests both players technical and expressive skills. It is suitable for performers with a skill level grade 8 or diploma standard.  This is not a piece of music for the faint hearted!

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Polka Dots_2

Music for Commissions

For bespoke, compositions tailored to your specific requirements, you will need to contact Mike as he will require as much information as is possible to ensure that the finished piece will be unique to you as possible. Music can be commissioned for any occasion.

Examples of some completed pieces:


1.  Wedding Procession No. 1

Here is a suggested example of a more sophisticated traditional string quartet for brides who may prefer a rather more classical entrance.

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‘String Wedding Quartet’


2.  Wedding Procession No. 2

Here is an example of music appropriate for a bride to make a grand church appearance using two trumpets, strings and organ.

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‘Wedding Procession’



3.  “Villa Baroncino”

Instruments include:  Mandoline; Flute; Harp; Bass and Guitar.

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Villa Baroncino Wedding Music 


4. Woodland Wedding

Instruments include: Woodwind; harp and percussion.

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‘Woodland Wedding’


5.  Simple Gift

Written for two acoustic guitars & Bb clarinet, this piece consists of a simply but pretty melody performed by the clarinet accompanied by  the guitars.  Easily performed live, it shows that music can be written for an unusual combination of instruments depending upon the wishes of the client.

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Simple Gift (wedding piece)